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Black Cat, White Cat

Had a boozy night in last night, and we saw a fantastic Yugoslavian film called Black Cat, White Cat, which had been recommended to us by friends. And I can, in turn, highly recommend it to you; it's fecking great! The plot is nothing particularly original -- a zany comedy about small-time gangsters, a heist gone wrong, a shotgun wedding and a nicely-wrapped-up romantic ending. But it's the setting that sets it apart: a community of Yugoslavian gypsies living along the banks of the Danube. The cinematography and acting are both superb, the soundtrack is provided by a Romany folk band and has lots of pleasing boingy noises, and there are hilarious scenes such as the midget girl who runs around dressed as a tree-stump, the crook who gets dumped into a latrine and wipes himself down with a live goose, and the running gag of the pig slowly consuming an old Trabant at the side of the road. I haven't seen a film so out-and-out funny in quite a while.

Right, I should head off. Need to do a brief bit of shopping in town, then I'm jumping on a train to Southampton to see mancjon, raveturned, stefroserainbow and others perform The Beggar's Opera. Should be good, by all accounts!

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