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Long time, no post

Well, hello there, Internet.

I should be going to see Envy And Other Sins tonight, who've risen from playing such illustrious venues as the Hobbit and Lennons in Southampton to winning Mobile Act Unsigned. Weirdly, I never saw them on the show, or even knew they were on it, as they got voted out but got voted in again later on, and the couple of episodes I saw happened to lie in between.

Anyway, as I say, I should be going to see them, but I have no-one to go with, and besides I'm rather knackered after unexpectedly going to see Bjork last night. A couple of friends of mine couldn't make it at the last minute, so I got a phonecall just as I walked in the door of my flat, tired and hungry. Still, my flatmate was possibly worse off -- he'd just finished a game of badminton and had to turn up with his gym kit and work stuff! Neither of us had eaten, so naturally we filled ourselves up with low-budget gig-venue lager. Ms Godmundsdottir was astounding, as you'd expect: colours, flags, costumes, lasers, flames, the works. And one of the best voices in popular music, of course.

It's been a good week for music, all-in-all; especially leftfield electronica with oddball female vocalists: last Thursday piratekittenal came up and we went to see Portishead. Who were also excellent. New stuff sounds pretty dirty and percussive, but there were a couple of nice ballads too. Hard to say, really, but the old stuff rocked regardless. And the next evening we rocked up to a quiet pub in Marylebone to see MJ Hibbett, of whom piratekittenal is a big fan. He's kinda like an IT-professional Billy Bragg (not an oddball female vocalist, you will notice :p) and sings songs about being in the Scouts and how it's ok to like the Smiths and Take That even though a lot of idiots like them too. His blog is PINK and FUN and uses lots of CAPITALS for very little REASON, and gives piratekittenal a little MENTION, which is ALL GOOD.

Other than that, my life seems to be pretty busy these days without really meaning to be. In a good way. Went snowboarding for the second time back at the start of March, which I'm really starting to get the hang of, and the other night I fulfilled a longstanding fancy-dress ambition by going to a Tube Station Party, to which I went as Hatton Cross (it's on the Picc line near Heathrow). And spending lots of time with stefroserainbow, which really is working out rather well :)

Right, since I'm staying in, I guess I should put it to good use and go and clean the place up whilst listening to the Adam and Joe podcast. Evening, all!

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