like car parts, bottles and cutlery (pgd) wrote,
like car parts, bottles and cutlery

Guten Tag!

Argh!  Bloody german keyboards, just managed to lose everything I´d just written ...  So, yes, I am in Germany!  It#s all going well so far, except that I grossly underestimated how difficult it#d be finding a room... everywhere appears to be heaving!  I had to try  3 or 4 hotels in Düsseldorf before I was successful.  Of course, having been bitten, I#m now being much more careful.  I#m in a hostel in Cologne at the moment, it#s pretty nice except for the loud drum n bass they#re playing in reception. Free internets though, very welcome.  The cathedral is right next to the station and by god is that thing enormous!  It#s only around the corner from here so I#m gonna have a look around before it gets dark.  Hope everyone is well!

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