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like car parts, bottles and cutlery

Hello again!  This time from Würzburg.  It#s a small-ish place but nice enough, and has both a huge (re-constructed) castle AND a huge (and UNESCO listed) palace, which can#t be bad.  And the hostel is not only called "Babel Fish" and has a "Hitchhikers"-related image on each dormitory door, but the Internet terminal I#m using is running SUSE Linux.  I suspect we#re dealing with hostel-running geeks, here.  What a life!  Must be ace.

Today I went to see Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber, which is honestly like some sort of walled medieval wonderland.   On the way back to the station you can look back through the gate in the wall and see it like Alice#s garden through the too-small door.  The weekend was cool, too;  I stayed in a youth hostel which was a converted castle, and I suppose had a similar fantasy-like vibe in a way.  The Rhine valley itself reminded me vaguely of the Wye valley near Symonds Yat, only BIGGER.  To pass the time, I wrote some stuff down like this so I wouldn#t forget, so I#ll probably post a load more when I get home, like Dave and his Jazzmanix adventures :p

Anyway, after tonight, only one night left before I rock up in Freiburg to check in to my boring old conference hotel :p  I#ll be in Heidelberg, which is Germany#s oldest university city, so should be fun.

Hope everyone is well!

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