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Sometimes I write my thoughts down (Mk II)

like car parts, bottles and cutlery
7 January 1981
Hi, I'm Dave, I'm 25 and live in Southampton. Pgd stands for Postgraduate Dave, which I got from the lovely undergrad folks I met whilst doing my MSc. I have a degree in Maths, but somehow have drifted into medical statistics, which is a bit dull but pays the bills and, since I work for a university, allows me to spend most of the day hanging around on the internet :)

I like nearly all types of music, though I prefer indie, folk and electronica, and try to avoid R'n'B wherever possible. (It brings me out in a rash.) Having said that, I'm not averse to pop, and do enjoy the odd night out dancing to S Club 7. I play guitar, and used to play piano when I was a kid - something I'd like to take up again one day.